91_coexistThe Holy Spirit is part of the divine Trinity (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit). The Holy Spirit is the invisible Spirit of God sent to earth after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible says Holy Spirit is the comforter and the voice of God for His people. In the Christian Bible, the Holy Spirit comes in a variety of forms, including tongues of fire and a dove.

Many people think that Holy Spirit only appears in Christian texts; however, the representation of the Holy Spirit also occurs in other religions.


The Holy Spirit is called Ruh al-Qudus and is mentioned in the Qur’an four times. In this religion, the Holy Spirit provides divine communication and action. However, a belief in the Holy Trinity is considered blasphemy and is forbidden.


Hinduism’s Shakti is the Universal Goddess who resides inside of humans. Shakti is seen as an essence of the cosmos. Shakti can be experienced inside the body and travels along seven chakras in the body. This spirit resides in the believer much like the Holy Spirit does in Christianity.


Buddhism also has a similar Holy Spirit called the Buddha Nature. In Buddhism, the Buddha Nature helps followers journey toward their spiritual goal of enlightenment.


The Hebrew Bible and other Jewish writings call the Holy Spirit the Ruach ha-kodesh which literally means the spirit of the holiness or holy place. In Judaism, the Holy Spirit is the divine force of the Most High God over creation.

In addition to the religions discussed here, there are many references to the Holy Spirit in other religions, including the American Indians, the Baha’i and Sikhism. In each of the religion discussed here, the Holy Spirit is divine and interacts with humanity and the world around us.